img54Membership in La Leche League is $25 for one year.

If you have benefited from the information your Group has provided, enjoy attending meetings, or simply believe in the purpose of LLL, please consider contributing to your Group through a supporting membership, so that mothers like you will continue to benefit from the services the Group provides.

Membership is not required to attend meetings or to receive help from a Leader, however it helps to support your local Group and the international organization, ensuring that La Leche League will be here to serve families like yours for years to come.

Funds from LLL memberships go toward:

  • Enabling the Group to purchase new books for the library and tear off sheets to provide mothers with up-to-date information on breastfeeding
  • Paying for operating expenses (such as affiliation dues, stationary supplies, and stamps), as they are not funded by LLLI
  • Allowing the Group to continue offering support and information to mothers and babies in our community!

You receive:

  • Discounts to LLL events (such as Area Conferences and workshops)
  • Being an LLL member means you have met one of the requisites for becoming an LLL Leader
  • Mostly importantly, your contribution helps La Leche League reach mothers and babies around the world.